The Art As Activism seedling course is online and on demand. This course is about bringing together our passion for activism and important causes with our excitement about art and creativity. 

Join Brenna Quinlan, renowned permaculture artist, as she guides you in finding your cause and cultivating your own style of creative activism.

This seedling course is an 8 to 10 hours course, packed with information, that you will proceed through at your own pace and time.

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Course curriculum overview

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  • 01

    Welcome Seedling

    • Welcome and Introduction Video

    • About Art As Activism

    • Brenna, Art and Activism

    • Acknowledgment of Country

    • Online Learning and Thinkific

  • 02

    1. Learning How To Draw - The Basic Ingredients

    • Introduction

    • The Illustration Alphabet

    • Practising Drawing with the Illustration Alphabet

    • Faces, (Easy) People and 'The Skeleton'

    • More Practising Drawing with the Illustration Alphabet

  • 03

    2. What Makes You Come Alive?

    • Introduction

    • What Makes Us Come Alive

    • Exploring What Makes You Come Alive

    • How Other People Come Alive

  • 04

    3. What's Your Cause?

    • Introduction

    • Finding Your Cause

    • Narrow in on Your Cause

    • My (Brenna's) Cause

  • 05

    4. Getting Inspiration

    • Introduction

    • Getting Inspiration

    • Getting Ideas

    • Art As Activism Inspiration Book

  • 06

    5. Designing Your Art As Activism Illustration

    • Introduction

    • 5 Illustration Styles

    • Explore the Illustration Styles

    • Design your Idea and Draw it

    • Designing and Drawing a Quote Illustration

  • 07

    6. Getting Your Work Out There

    • Introduction

    • Getting Out There

    • Methods for Getting Your Work Out There

    • How Will You Get Your Work Out There

  • 08

    Fare Well Seedling... Till Next Time

    • Thanks and Happy Drawing

    • Fare Well Seedling...Till Next Time!