Take yourself on a journey and intimately discover your local places through the art of nature journaling. The course will cover a wide range of nature journaling topics and techniques including sit spots where you will build your connection to place and capture your findings and noticings along the way. 

The course will include tangible skills and art techniques through a number of instructional videos that support you through each activity. You will get to explore and develop your skills with paints, watercolour pencils, and colour pencils as you sit quietly in observation of your surroundings. You will finish the course with your own nature journal and a deeper sense of connection to place.

This online and on demand course is a 10 to12 hours course, packed with information, that you will proceed through at your own pace and time.

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Welcome to Nature Journalling

A Video Snippet from Claire Mosley

What You Will Need

We suggest the following art tools to make the most of your nature journalling learning experience.

  • 3 paintbrushes - sizes: thin, medium and thick
  • 1 graphite pencil
  • 1 art liner black pen
  • Watercolour paint discs or tubes
  • Blank heavyweight art pages  in a travel notebook or journal
  • Watercolour pencils - Optional as there is a watercolour pencil exercise but you can use watercolour paints.

Where to get these art tools?

CERES has created an Art Kit for our online art courses. You can see more details and the option to purchase below.

Art Kit

You can add to your course with an Art Kit, specially assembled for our Art courses. In collaboration with Deans Art and Zetta Florence, the kit contains:

From Deans Art

Jasart Voyager Watercolour Disc Set 24: This set comes with vibrant colours, strongly pigmented and easy to blend to create an endless range of colours. The design of the pack is compact and twists together, for easy storage and to take it with you on the go effortlessly.

NAM SER Perspex Brush 18mm
A flat golden taklon hair brush that has a short clear perspex handle with a burnisher at the end.

NAM SER 220 Brush #2 and #6
White synthetic round hair brush that is ideal for use with watercolour, gouache and acrylic. 

Artline 700 Black Marker
Maxon 0.5 Fineliner Black Marker

Tradition Pencil H

From Zetta Florence

This A5 soft cover sketchbook is filled with heavyweight cream coloured, premium cotton art paper. Pages are smooth and thick, preventing ink from bleeding through. The removable cover protects the notebook. There are 256 pages with 120gsm premium cotton paper.

IMPORTANT: Art Kits are available for pick up only.

Pricing options

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Course curriculum overview

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    1. Welcome to Nature Journalling

    2. Acknowledge of Country

    3. About Nature Journalling

    4. Learning online and Thinkific

    1. Beginning Nature Journalling

    2. Drawing Warm Up Activity

    3. Leaf with Tube Paints

    4. Eucalyptus with Disc Paints/Colour Wheel

    5. Seedpod with Watercolour Pencils

    6. Leaves with Pencils

    7. Finishing Touches

    8. Painting Treasures Tips

    9. Colour Mixing Chart

    10. A Little More

    1. Introducing Sit Spots

    2. Your Sit Spot

    3. Drawing Warm Up Activity

    4. Starting I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me Of

    5. I Notice...

    6. I Wonder...

    7. It Reminds Me Of...

    8. Reflecting on I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me Of

    9. A Little More

    1. Natural History and Observations

    2. Drawing Warm Up Activity

    3. Field Guide Examples

    4. Starting A Field Guide

    5. Colouring A Field Guide

    6. Observations and Links In A Field Guide

    7. Finishing and Reflecting On A Field Guide

    8. Sit Spot Invitation

    9. A Little More

    1. Mapping

    2. Drawing Warm Up Activity

    3. Mapping Bird Songs and other Sounds

    4. Colouring and Pondering

    5. A Little More

    1. Words and Stories

    2. Drawing Warm Up Activity

    3. Words and Stories and examples

    4. Adding Words in a New Way

    5. A Little More

About this course

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  • 73 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content