The Beginning Permaculture (Ethics and Design Principles) online and on demand course will provide you with an introduction to permaculture, allowing you to gain a start in this interesting and beneficial design for loving with plants and animals and the earth.

This course is 5 to 7 hours long, packed with information, that you will proceed through at your own pace and time.

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Course curriculum overview

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    1. Welcome Message

    2. Course Introduction

    3. Acknowledgment of Country

    4. Engaging with Beginning Permaculture

    5. Online Learning and Thinkific

    1. What is Permaculture

    2. How Permaculture Started

    3. Permaculture Today

    4. The Ethics and Design Principles of Permaculture

    1. Ethics of Permaculture

    2. Earth Care

    3. People Care

    4. Fair Share

    1. Permaculture Design Principles

    2. 1: Observe and interact

    3. 2: Catch and store energy

    4. 3: Obtain a yield

    5. 4: Apply self-regulation and accept feedback

    6. 5: Use and value renewable resources and services

    7. 6: Produce no waste

    8. 7: Design from patterns to details

    9. 8: Integrate rather than segregate

    10. 9: Use small and slow solutions

    11. 10: Use and value diversity

    12. 11: Use edges and value the marginal

    13. 12: Creatively use and respond to change

    14. Revisit the Permaculture Design Principles

    1. Deeper Learning of Permaculture

    2. Resources and References

    3. Learning Permaculture at CERES

    1. Farewell and Fare Well ...Till Next Time!

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