The Sensory Garden and Trail course will provide you with an overview of sensory gardens and trails, allowing you to gain a start in this interesting and beneficial design for engaging with our senses and nature.

This course is 4 to 5 hours long, packed with information, that you will proceed through at your own pace and time.

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Course curriculum overview

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    1. Welcome Message

    2. Introduction to the Course

    3. Acknowledgment of Country

    4. A Sensory Spot

    5. Online Learning and Thinkific

    1. A Sensory Enriched Experience

    2. Sensory Gardens and Sensory Trails

    1. The Senses

    2. Sight

    3. Smell

    4. Hearing

    5. Taste

    6. Touch

    7. Senses in Your Space

    1. Benefits of a Sensory Garden and a Sensory Trail

    1. Designing for the Senses

    2. Design Points: The ‘Want’ and ‘Is’

    3. Design Points: The ‘Who’

    4. Design Points: The ‘Plants, Plants, Plants’

    5. Design Points: The ‘What Else’

    6. Start Your Design

    1. Resources

    2. Final Message

    3. Fare Well...Till Next Time!

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